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A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller

DM MMTY cover

I have been a huge fan of Donald Miller since I first read Blue Like Jazz several years ago. I love his style, his humor and the way he tells as story. Such has been the case with every single one of his books. And I must say I expected the same from the latest, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Boy, was I surprised?! But in a very good way.

This author has grown and evolved in such an incredible way, even since his last book, To Own A Dragon. I love the way God has gotten this man’s attention and stretched and molded his creativity. It is a blessing to anyone who reads his story.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is the result of Don’s process of “editing his life.” His challenge to each of us is to examine our own lives and see what kind of story we’re telling. He gives us a wonderful tour of his life – a “Tour de Miller”, if you will. Like the Tour de France, only much slower. He provides tons of excitement, twists and turns, and shows us an enjoyable time but it’s more reminiscent of paddling downstream than racing for a finish line.

Miller reminds us that the point of a story is never about the ending. It’s about your character being molded within the story and how important it is to resist stopping in the middle when it becomes harder than we think it should be.

So here’s my advice. Turn off the TV, get up off the sofa and start living your story. Live it right out in the open. Join your story with other stories and see what God is writing for you. (Oh yeah, and read this book for some great tips on living Story!)