You Little Rascal, You!


The following statements came across my computer screen via @rascaltweets today. I don’t know the gentleman personally, but he followed me on Twitter so I did the polite thing and followed him back. That sounds kinda strange. How exactly is it possible to  follow someone who’s following you? Only in Twitter-Land. That and maybe time travel. But now I understand why people who don’t Tweet look at me funny (well, one of the many reasons they look at me funny). They just don’t understand the lingo. Bless their hearts!

Anyhoo…back to the important part. These are some things Chris Brady tweeted today.

A Rascal is any individual who has the character to be a character.

A Rascal is someone who makes a difference by being different.

A Rascal doesn’t follow the herd; but he or she does protect it.

A Rascal is an original character; one who can’t be classified, minimized, silenced, or enslaved.

Rascals are rebels WITH a cause.

Do these statements describe anyone you know? Several people came to my mind – IMMEDIATELY.

After reading over them several times I realized all of those statements were true of the greatest character who ever lived. Go ahead, I know you want to re-read them. I’ll wait.

Now, don’t you agree? Couldn’t all of those statements be used to describe Jesus and His earthly ministry? (If you didn’t take the opportunity to read them before, you’re doing it now, aren’t you?)

I absolutely LOVE Rascals! They don’t always make life easier, but they do make it richer!

So, who are the rascals in your life?

Are you a rascal?

Do you want to be?


11 responses to “You Little Rascal, You!

  1. Cindy,

    I would also then say that any Christian is also a rascal!

    Thanks for the perspective!

  2. Great post! I’ll tell you this . . . Chris Brady is an amazing man of God and I follow him in the real world, not only in Twitter-land. 🙂
    I love your parallel with Christ, too.
    God bless!

  3. Wow! What if this did characterize every Christian?

    I could copy and paste this on my profile … but that wouldn’t original. ;D

    This is a keeper. I just emailed it to myself.

  4. I agree Cindy. We’ll increase in our effectiveness as we increase in fear of God and decrease in fear of man.

  5. God Bless all you Rascals! I hope and pray for more Rascals who will make a difference in the body of Christ and in the world.

  6. I agree!

    Who are — and have been — the rascals in my life? Years ago when I taught third-graders, I loved the rascals — the ornery, I called them. Those well-intentioned little squirts who still loved learning, who often saw possibilities adults lose sight of somewhere in the process and circumstance of living. The ones who had light behind their eyes, who ran and jumped and hollered at resess and who had a hard time reigning it all in once back in the class room.

    Be like a child in your faith, He said. In so many ways, yes, I quite agree. Rascals are children who can think and play and work and not be intimidated by any cultural standards. Who do make a difference! And who care to…

    Great post. Thank you. And yes, I also follow Chris.

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  8. Cool blog. May we all be rascals for the kingdom.

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