Party in the Valley…

If you’re going to celebrate, it will most likely be in the valley, not on the mountain top.

Allow me to explain.

Think about how you get to the top of a mountain. You have to hike, climb and sometimes pull yourself up the hard way. Getting to the top of the mountain is the tough part. It requires the work.

When you arrive you can usually take a breather and enjoy an exquisite view – for a moment. But there’s no living on the top of the mountain. Once you begin your descent the pace picks up considerably. There may be a little sliding, a stumble, and you could even find yourself tumbling head over heels down the other side of the mountain.

Pretty soon you find yourself in the valley. It seems like a terrific letdown from the mountain top experience but I’ll present the argument that it may be a blessing.

Time in the valley is to catch your breath and adjust to your rapid descent. It’s time for the wounds you suffered on the trip down to be taken care of. But don’t sit around too long. You’ll get stiff. You’ll start to concentrate on disappointments and failures. Pretty soon you’ll feel you haven’t the ability to move at all.

This is the time to celebrate. Remember the glorious view from the top. Remember the feeling of accomplishment. Even remember the strain and hard work of the final phase of the climb. Celebrate the One who gave you the strength!

That’s what valleys are for. But we’re not meant to stay in the valley either. Once we’re restored, it’s time to climb the next mountain. So let’s gear up and get going.

1 Peter 5:10

What about you? Have your celebrations been sweeter on the mountain or in the valley?


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