Action Required…

Noah built a very large boat on dry land without a cloud in the sky.

Abraham left home on a trip to Somewhere without a map.

Moses grabbed a snake by the tail before God told him it would return to a staff.

The walls of Jericho fell down at Joshua’s feet because of a few horns and a loud yell.

David threw the stone and God’s hand guided it to the center of the giant’s forehead.

Elijah set up a grand display for God to show off BIG TIME on Mount Carmel and several hundred priests of Baal ended up paying the fiddler with their lives.

Esther crossed a line that could have cost her the head on her shoulders for “such a time as this.”

Daniel prayed and ended up sleeping with the big cats.

Joseph and Mary’s family got a supernatural start.

And a group of people from the first century could tell you stories that would curl your hair.

What is the common denominator in all of these situations? Where’s the common thread? Well, it’s in the fact that each of these individuals was ACTIVE. They were doing something that God literally told them to or His Spirit led them to do. What they weren’t doing was sitting on the facts or arguing with God about how “it’s never been done that way before.” They gave up their “right to be right” and followed God’s instructions. As result, God’s glory was revealed and His purpose fulfilled.

True faith…action required.


One response to “Action Required…

  1. Christy Brogden

    Great post, sista!! Action is both required and a little scary! I have decided however that it would be scarier if I choose to remain inactive!!

    Keep posting!!

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