Monthly Archives: January 2011

One Word for 2011

Last year when I considered my “one word” for 2010, I began the process by looking back at what God had done in me during 2009. I felt my 2009 “one word” had been FOUNDATION, so I chose BUILD for my 2010 word. And God did build on the foundation He had created. I read and grew and stretched. But not nearly as much as I know was available to me.

I once read a quote, by whom, I don’t know, but it said that we judge others by their actions while we judge ourselves by our intentions. As I pondered this it became apparent that it was certainly true in my own life. I can only judge what I see others live out (not that I should judge at all) but for myself I know what I’ve considered, thought about and intended to “get around to” and I don’t  feel too bad about it – even when I haven’t followed through with any of it. I mean, if I thought about doing something nice for someone, or calling them to check on them, or taking a meal to a family who needs it, well at least it was on my radar, right? WRONG!

The same way that “…faith without action is dead,” (James 2:26) so is planning and thinking without action worth nothing.  I can think and plan and intend all day long but until I put feet to it it’s not worth a hill of beans (as my grandma would say).

So my “one word” for 2011 is a very simple, yet complicated one…DO. My goal is to DO more this year instead of just intending to DO something. Follow through will be my aim. Fear of failure is not going to hold me back and neither is a perceived lack of time, resources, or talent. I’m gonna be just like the sporting goods company – JUST DO IT!

What about you? Do you have “one word” for 2011?