One Word 2011 – Mid-year Update

Okay, so my ONE WORD Mid-Year Update  is slightly late. @gritandglory will just have to take off points from my final grade for turning in late work.

You can read my initial ONE WORD post here. But in the mean time I’ll just tell you what my word is for 2011 – it’s “DO”. And I’ve been DOING quite a bit…well, DOING a lot of DOING but not so much DOING very much writing. I’ve got to find some balance and get all these blog posts floating around in my head out and on “paper” or posted or whatever.

I must be honest and admit that my word has not manifested itself as I expected. I think I was looking for some version of a “bucket list” with many boxes checked off at the end of the year. But that would have only proved one thing – what I was DOING was staying busy. Not exactly the direction I want to take.

Don’t get me wrong. There are lists involved and boxes to check and goals to meet. The difference is the process is the point, not the lovely little check mark. The DOING has not so much been a “DO IT” and move on to the next thing but more of a “DO it today. DO it tomorrow. DO it next week. DO it next month. You get the picture.

Some of my DO IT items so far:

  • Read through the bible in a year (second year) I’m using the YouVersion App and the Chronological Plan for this year.
  • I decided to make my health a priority. Small steps to start, but WOW the difference the last 6 and a half weeks have made. I’m working with a Personal Trainer (remember the Assassin?) who is now nicknamed the Miracle Worker – the patience of Job, I tell ya! I’m also using the treadmill for something other than a clothes rack. (I actually started writing this post in my head while doing my 1.5-mile walk last night.) One other thing I’m DOING is using the LoseIt App (as recommended by Michael Hyatt, Ron Edmonson and others). All this DOING has already netted some pretty significant results. I have tons more energy, I feel better than I have in years, I’ve lost 16 pounds and the other day I found out that after almost 20 years I can actually sit “criss-cross-applesauce” again. Now that may not seem like much of an accomplishment to you, but to these old hip joints, it’s something they never thought they’d be able to DO this side of heaven.
  • I applied for and got my very first passport this past Spring. After finally getting on an airplane last Fall for the first time, I now have a new habit to support. And apparently travel as a hobby is slightly more expensive than reading. Who’da thought?
  • As a result of obtaining the passport, I am now able to DO something else later in the year – I plan to join a team of volunteers from Stonecreek Church to visit our partner ministry in Guatemala City, Hope for Guatemala. I’ll let you know very soon how you may be able to help me with this trip and also support the mission there. (BTW – I’m VERY excited about this!)
  • I’ve given myself the goal of reading 25 books this year. Right now Bonhoeffer, by Eric Metaxas is kicking my rear almost as much as The Assassin – oops, I mean The Miracle Worker – is. It’s a fantastic biography and I plan to do a review here soon. My Kindle tells me I’m almost 75% of the way there.
  • And one last DO IT item for you – I took the challenge to memorize one passage/verse of scripture a week for the year. Now this is one area that I’m having a great deal of trouble with. It seems to be harder to commit anything to memory these days much less words in language that nobody uses every day. But ironically there’s something inside telling me that while it is important to “hide God’s Word in my heart,” it’s the DOING what the Word says that will make a difference.  I’m still working on committing it to memory while also committing it to action.

So at the half-way mark, I’m still DOING. And while it doesn’t necessarily “look” like I thought it would, I’m falling in love with my ONE WORD every day.














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