Top Priority? NOT Comfort…

I made someone uncomfortable last week. It was unintentional, I assure you. I simply extended an invitation but it was clear the individual was uncomfortable.

Maybe it was the fact the invitation was unexpected. Or it could be that the invitation was unwelcomed. Maybe they were offended by the way I extended the invitation or they didn’t like my hairstyle that day. Maybe it was my coffee-breath (note to self – remember to grab a mint the next time). At any rate the object of the invitation was most definitely uncomfortable.

I don’t like to make people uncomfortable. The strong hospitality gene in my DNA seeks to make EVERYONE as comfortable as possible. But if there is one thing that God has proven to me over and over again, it’s that our comfort is not His top priority – our holiness (or our likeness to Him) is. If comfort is not at the top of God’s list, then it shouldn’t be on ours either.

I’m not saying we need to intentionally place ourselves or others in uncomfortable situations. That’s just plain crazy. But the idea of comfort or lack of discomfort should not be our main objective or focus. Sometimes the absence of comfort is God’s way of moving us from where we are to where we need to be. Sometimes it’s God’s way of showing us what we need to turn loose in order to accept what He wants to give us. And sometimes it’s His way of blessing us with a different perspective to be able to relate on a soulful level to another human being.

Whatever the reason, I’m learning to accept the uncomfortable circumstances with an open mind and heart, ready to receive the teaching from my Father that will draw me closer to Him. To understand that apart from resting in Him, there is no comfort to be found.

I’m also going to keep extending that invitation – because God is telling me not to give up. My hope and prayer is that by my diligence (however uncomfortable it is for both of us) this person will realize how much they are valued and how precious they are to God. They need to know they have a place in the Big Story.

Is there an ASK you need to make, and invitation you need to extend?

Will it be uncomfortable? Maybe.

But if God is leading you to take that risk, I guarantee it will be more uncomfortable for you not to ask than to obey.


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