Guatemala Mind Dump…

A blog post feels like a very inadequate way to try to share this experience. But it’s the best tool I have at the moment.

WARNING! If you choose to continue reading just know you are entering a seriously “Messy Mind Zone”. The following is just a list of random thoughts as I attempt sift through what’s going on in my head and heart.

*There is NO way to describe the “aroma” here. Or my personal aroma after hauling lumber and working construction all day yesterday.

*I have no idea how these people keep their bodies, hair, and clothes clean living in these conditions, but they do.

*The families we have met and visited their homes are very gracious and welcoming.

*Guatemalans are small, strong and hard working. I wish you could have seen the children so happy to haul the lumber for their brand new home! I think my heart exploded a hundred times yesterday.

*I was surprised at the number of signs I was able to read in English. (If you didn’t know, this is my very first time outside the US.)

*I need someone to teach me conversational Spanish. Not how to conjugate a verb!

*I LOVE the 18 other people on our team. They are everyone AMAZING, hardworking and so compassionate. I don’t think I’ve ever been with so many super encouraging people at one time.

*Maybe I’m naive but I have not felt afraid even one time. I have a peace about being here that I know is from God.

*These children are very patient with my gringo self. (Did I mention I need to learn Spanish?)

*I now know what a “rainy season” is. Wow.

*Jose and Erin Armas have a fantastic vision and ministry to the families in Zone 18. God’s hand is so in everything they do.

*There is no vehicle emissions testing in Guatemala. Traffic is crazy. Motorcycle helmets are optional. Jose is an exceptional bus driver.

*I have seen 78 dogs but only 1 cat. (Is there significance in that?)

*True relationship is highly underrated. We should do something about that.

That is enough mind dumping for the moment. It’s time to go help serve lunch to the kids and see how the morning activities are going.

We have 2 dentists here (one from our team and one local) and for the first time the kids are getting dental care. There is so much to be thankful for.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep it up.

I’m heading out to see God…Adios. (I hope I spelled it correctly, if not – I’ll catch you later.)

Someone PLEASE find me a Spanish teacher!!!


One response to “Guatemala Mind Dump…

  1. So cool to read about an update! Thanks for sharing!

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