Monthly Archives: November 2011



Been thinking a lot about prayer recently (thanks to some great leadership).

So basically prayer is talking with God. It’s not just talking TO God. The “with” is important – it indicates that some talking happens on BOTH sides, from BOTH parties. That would be YOU & GOD.

Now you may be thinking, “How is God going to talk to me? And if He does, will I hear it or hear it correctly?” Well, I can flat out tell you that I have no idea “how” He does, just THAT He does. And you will likely not hear much apart from His Word.  God does speak through other people, your circumstances, and nature, to name a few – but primarily He speaks through scripture.

Prayer and scripture go together like a flashlight and batteries. One is not fully functional without the other. A flashlight without batteries will not help you find your way in the dark. Of course you could use it to hammer a nail, knock someone in the head, or throw it at an animal that may be attacking you, but it will NOT function as it is meant to without the batteries. And likewise batteries alone without the flashlight are not good for much. Now they can also be hurled in an attack or maybe you persuade your little brother to stick his tongue to the tip of the battery for a chuckle moment (does that really work, by the way? – I never tried it…). But batteries by themselves, without a device, are an energy source not connected. They just sit there. Doing absolutely NOTHING.

But if you put the batteries in the flashlight everything functions as it was meant to. You press the on button and viola…there’s light! You can see your way in the dark and perhaps avoid disaster.

I could take the metaphor even further, but I’ll let you talk to God about that.

Come back and tell me what He says…