When God and I started this blog adventure, I’m ashamed to admit that for a tiny little second I was worried I might not have enough to write about. At that point God chuckled and asked me if I was serious and in that split second I realized I had stepped right into the middle of where He wanted me to be. Over the last year to year and a half God has been stretching my heart and mind to prepare me for the “next” thing (whatever that may be). He has been ever so gentle and kind and for that I am most grateful. I haven’t always been that blessed. Usually when God wants to stretch me, it takes a stick of dynamite (almost literally). This time has been different and as I look back and see the different stages of the workout, as I see the situations, people and opportunities He has brought into my life, the story and the journey become more and more precious and clear. Thanks for joining me and I hope you are motivated to start your own journey or at least pay closer attention to the one you are already on.


2 responses to “About

  1. I find this blog to be very enticing. I have been a journal writer all my life. I do it for a number of reasons. I write because I either have a learning disability where I can’t seem to remember certain things, or possibly since Alzheimer’s is in the family I may be exhibiting symptoms or more simply I am so anal about EVERYTHING in life that I must record everything to keep a thorough remembrance of my life. Either way I am drawn to this and I may just partake in this activity.

  2. 🙂 I love this site. I also blog about seeing God on my website (experiences are under the category of testimonies. if you get a chance, check it out).

    I wanted to share this one with ya.. blessed be the Lord – Sunlight and Flowers from God

    I pray it blesses you. Thanks again for sharing. In love,


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